We understand that with all the noise in the market that people are skeptical of new coins and want to know if the teams behind them are committed to the project before they participate.

Even more importantly if they are actually going to make something, we are not coming from that place as our product and implementation is already in place.

This coin is a platform within what we have created to allow a new way of doing things within the gaming, gambling, fantasy sports, media and charitable/non-profit industries.
Our creator has collaborated with dozens people and programmers who over the years who currently work for other companies, blockchain projects and industries to architect what we are rolling out now.
We have already established the companies and products in the industries below and are rolling out the new platforms in the next 30 days to 180 days.
IAD Difference
We are not promising to make something, or aiming to make something, we have already made it and are rolling it out. A new way of funding projects in media, a new way to gamble without gambling, and a new way to get much needed funds to charities that need funds.
The Future
Over the next 6 months we are rolling out two new platforms in the media/entertainment industry that will disrupt it as much as our first platform is going to disrupt the gambling and sports gaming industries.
Our Team
Made up of one creator and dozens of contributors over 8 years that devoted something of themselves to make this happen as a labor of love in an attempt to change things, one game, one project, one platform and one coin at a time. Look below to see our team, thousands of people already using our platform and growing by the day.


To use the technology of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to create new platforms for people to participate in sports gaming, gambling, media content development and charitable/non-profit giving.

We believe that people should stop gambling with their money and start winning with ours. We believe that media content needs to be made because of it's quality and not because of an outdated formula.

We also believe that good works are the responsibility of all of us that can make a difference. Finally we believe that we can all win together if opportunities are presented with the right foundation, transparency and in good faith.

The vehicle that can make that happen is the Ethereum blockchain and it's Smart Contract platform, and we plan on using it to make disruptive, yet positive changes to much needed industries. Make that change, one game at a time, one platform at a time, one coin at a time.

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