IAD Token Generation Event

$1 USD Purchases: 8.39 IAD | 1 ETH Purchases: 5000 IAD | 1 BTC Purchases: 63877.31 IAD

Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 IAD | Available Supply: 1,750,000,000 IAD

IAD Address: 0xC1E2097d788d33701BA3Cc2773BF67155ec93FC4

Token Event Address: 0x0F37dd19F5BBa5e4A6fB7281e1d135d8245A6Ef7



Using Metamask and Ethereum, the fastest and lowest fee method of purchasing IAD.


Send BTC to our address and once it goes through IAD will be sent to your Metamask Wallet.

US Dollar

Use Paypal or a Credit Card. Only for transactions under $2500.

Choose your method

IAD amount to purchase

Total Cost

Choose Amount and Currency.

When you click FINALIZE TRANSACTION, you are agreeing to the terms of this transaction.


Important information on this event.

Metamask Wallet

You need to setup your own Metamask Wallet to get your IAD.

Multiple Paths

You can send ETH directly to our event address, or you can purchase IAD with BTC or USD on this page.


Once we are on exchanges we will exchange your IAD that you earn or you can do it yourself on the exchanges at prevailing market rates.

Helpful Support

We are here to answer any questions for you via email or on our Telegram Channel and are committed to providing the best service possible to all our participants.

Make IAD

Whether it is with our Bounty Contracts, or using OTS, you can earn IAD every day.

Hold Your Tokens

IAD is adding multiple platforms in the coming months that we believe will add massive value to the utility of our token even beyond the great start it had.