You can aquire IAD in five ways.
  • 1) Win it playing free fantasy games on Own The Spread
  • 2) Win it by purchasing shares with IAD into The OTS Fund and let KIP make you money betting sports.
  • 3) Exchange other Cryptocurrencies on our exchange at IADOWREX.
  • 4) Wager the IAD you won on Own The Spread in KIPs Lobby and multiply your winnings.
  • 5) Volunteer with IADOWR Coin and get rewarded actual IAD.
    • You can exchange IAD for other currencies or vice versa at IADOWREX.
    Setting up an account is free and it is easy to use.

    First off, no you do not have to donate any percentage of your winnings to the charities we are going to help. Only people who are participating in The OTS Fund have to donate at least 5% of their IAD they win to a charity they choose.

    Why are we incorporating our coin into a potential platform to get funds to charities around the world that need money? The answer is why not? Decentralized, immediate, and secure transactions are the perfect start to helping people.

    If we can do something, we feel we are compelled, which is why we are pledging 25% of our profits from The OTS Fund to the charities listed on our site.

    However it is not just charities we believe in, we believe in helping people who are taken advantage of. Outside the major problems in the world, we believe there is no group of people that are taken advantage of more on a daily basis than the typical sports gambler. We have the answer to it, don't gamble with your money, play for free with our coin and win real money.

    IAD is a premined, ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. So no you can't mine for it.

    OTS Bucks is the original in game currency used on Own The Spread

    OTS Bucks currently are not on a block chain but the plan is to incorporate them into a token as well. However currently they have great utility on Own The Spread and the backbone of making real money for free on that site.

    We believe although people are volunteering to help us build our community and platform it doesn't mean they shouldn't be rewarded for that effort.

    Time is a precious commodity and we value it, especially when they honor us by devoting it to IAD and our mission.

    We will have a Volunteer at IAD section up soon where you can see the opportunities involved and regardless of what you do, even by spreading the word about us in social media and to friends you will be rewarded with IAD.

    Yes we are actively looking for programmers, charity relations representatives, marketing team positions.

    Send all resumes or inquiries to Email Us