The actual bounty amounts will be listed after May 15th, but you can qualify now and get paid then.

Metamask Wallet

You need to setup your own Metamask Wallet to get your IAD.

Large Bounty Pool

We have set aside up to 20,000,000 IAD for our bounty program.

Sign Up For Bounty Program

Sign up for an IADOWR Sites account by registering here or at OTS. Submit bounty and track results on bounty section of our dashboard, LOGIN to see.

Bounty 1

Get on OTS and play in 5 free contests. Yes get paid IAD to play in 5 free contests to win OTSB or IAD.

Bounty 2

Verifiable post about IAD on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Reddit that boosts the engagement with our community.

Bounty 3

Make an approved video, promotional material, or any other approved activity to help promote our amazing token.