About Our Coin

IADOWR Coin is a Token which allows you to participate in The OTS Fund and make real money from the activities of The OTS Fund and give portions of your winnings to charitable works.

You can earn IAD by working for it, have your computer work on our blockchain, play free games, participate in The OTS Fund.

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IAD Features

Look at all the security features and ways you can participate with IAD's mission.

Secure Encrypted Wallet

Ethereum Blockchain wallet on your computer with a 12 word seed to protect it.

Easy To Start

Make a free account on OTS or here and automatically get started.


We will exchange your IAD that you earn for real money, yes we will monetize your earned IAD here if you choose at prevailing market rates.

Helpful Support

We are here to answer any questions for you via email and are committed to providing the best service possible to all our participants.

Make Profit With No Gamble

Make money and play for free, forever. We never take your money to participate in the real money games, and you can't even buy in directly into The OTS Fund.

Instant Gratification

Whether you want to donate 5% or 95% of your winnings to help others, you are still having fun, building a new community and making a difference. One game at a time.


To use the technology of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to create new platforms for people to participate in sports gaming, gambling, media content development and charitable/non-profit giving.

We believe that people should stop gambling with their money and start winning with ours. We believe that media content needs to be made because of it's quality and not because of an outdated formula.

We also believe that good works are the responsibility of all of us that can make a difference. Finally we believe that we can all win together if opportunities are presented with the right foundation, transparency and in good faith.

The vehicle that can make that happen is the Ethereum blockchain and it's Smart Contract platform, and we plan on using it to make disruptive, yet positive changes to much needed industries. Make that change, one game at a time, one platform at a time, one coin at a time.

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