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The IADOWR Coin Difference

In the sea of new Alt Coins out there, it is hard to be able to identify which ones have a purpose beyond raising money for the creators. We not only have a real mission, but a platform to make it happen.

Legal and Fun

You play games all the time on the web, you might even gamble legally or illegally. With us never gamble your own money and have fun winning.

Real Payouts

We post all our payouts and you can see for your self with our transparency people getting paid from our games.

Multiple Paths

You can earn IAD, you can win it by using OTSB, or you can just win real money. Whatever you do, not only do you win, but the people we help win with you.

OTS Fund

The only fund in the world that is funded by Cryptocurrency and focuses on using our AI Technology to make money betting sports and use that money to help people.


If you have a problem, or something goes wrong we have a great support staff ready to help 24 hours a day.

Instant Exchange

From your wallet you will be able to exchange with others on our site, on the exchanges that list us, and once on exchanges we will exchange your IAD for you.

Whether you love sports or not, you can win real money and IAD with our Free Fantasy Sports Games.

Unlike faucets where you might not get paid and you have to click on ads for tiny bits of coin, we let you play every day for free and win IAD.

No ads, no malware, no draining programs that are mining without your permission.

We Operate World Wide


All Major Sports


Chance Winning IAD


Chance Of Losing Real Money


The OTS Fund Features

KIP makes money every day using our one of a kind Sports Algorithm and you just sit back and win. Then we identify charities that need funds and put people who want to help them through winning money instead of paying out of your own pocket.

IAD will be the platform to directly get funds into the hands of those charities.

The OTS Fund will payout its winnings in IAD which you exchange for other currencies. We will send 1/4 of our profits from the OTS Fund to helping people, you get to pick how much of yours does.

Who do we help?

We believe in helping those who can't help themselves. We believe in getting people off of losing with their money and winning with ours.

Easy To Start

Very easy to start earning your IADOWR Coin with Own The Spread.

24/7 Support

We have dedicated support team to help you if need.


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IAD Calculator

We will setup in what we believe is the blockchain that offers the most compatibility for our mission, the dynamic and innovative Ethereum Blockchain.

To help continue our mission for fun, change and financial impact in our contributors and our beneficiaries lives we are offering this initial Token Generation Event.

You can buy our token which will be priced at 0.00025 ETH(Ethereum) or 1 ETH = 5000 IAD at our initial bonus Token Generation Discount of 20%.

Use our Ethereum Calculator below to gauge how much IAD might cost you in approximate USD value.


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